Why Skylab was created?

Apr · 15 · 2016

I joined early in 2001, in the middle of a crisis in Spain. “Like the one in 1992”, everyone said.  We were a startup which goal was to help people find jobs in a more efficient way. Connecting people with the labour market was engraved in our DNA. We all celebrated (and still do) the number of people who found a job through

In december 2014 I left the company, knowing hundreds of the recruiters all over Europe... and the “help people find the best job” motto still written in my DNA.

I have lived from very close how people struggles to find a job, but I have also heard from employers hundreds of times how hard it is to find certain profiles. Can’t find web developers! There are no developers! In cities like New York, 52% of the City's tech ecosystem jobs are within non-tech industries, so it is clear tech is a critical component of the entire economy.

I started wondering why there are so many unemployed people in Spain when there are so many developers needed? Why is there such a disconnect?

I had had some conversations with some friends about the gap and, in october 2015, on a trip to Miami, I discovered the Coding Bootcamps: high intensity programs that bring students the knowledge to create complex systems, and enable them to keep their careers growing once the course is finished. What if I open a Coding Academy back in my country and create coders myself to fill the market needs?

As Henry Kaiser said: “find a need and fill it”. So here we are.